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Most proud to be a part of Matt Cascella's film Bumdom. One of the most freeing, extraordinarily creative times I've ever had composing music.

Our little gem "Lazy Ass" found its way into this fantastic video (below) produced by Alonso Homs, Purina, and Buzzfeed. It has over 60 million views on their Facebook post and 4.5 million views on their YouTube channel. That's a handful of people. Enjoy.

A music video directed by Matt Cascella, featuring the Brooms song "Way Up" - listen below too.



More work for Purina.




Directed by Greg Condon.


Arrangements by Brett Crudgington. Composition by Brooms (Brett Crudgington and Matt Cascella) - Video by Brett Haley

Score for ending and credits of Brett Haley's movie "Three"

Brooms Band

Matt Cascella and I have worked together since 2011. Four albums, lots of gigs. Listen below or find us on Spotify:


The first album is "Rough Cuts NYC - 2014" produced by Kaija Matiss.